A new social network, created to unite all the Brexiteer groups, right leaning political parties, Patriots, Lawful Rebels, Constitutionalists and right/centrist leaning individuals across the UK.

A community hub where political correctness is ignored, freedom of speech is adored and profiles are not banned (unless for absolutely intolerable behaviour). Where we can all openly discuss uncomfortable truths, and focus on the solutions to transform our country for the better.

If you believe in the Patriot movement taking place in the UK, come and join us on “Right Unity” as soon as you can so that we can join forces, unite, mobilise and become a true force to be reckoned with by the establishment elites. As our movement grows it’s critical that we get more organised.

TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More

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This website, Right Unity, should not be seen as a group in it’s own right.

This website is an open free speech platform, without allegiance to any one group, for any person that considers themselves to be politically aligned to the right.

Individual groups will always exist like Tommy Robinson supporters. UKIP voters, FLA, DFLA, Dragons, Generation Identity, Democrats and Veterans and many others.

Unity does not have to mean merging these groups into one group. The groups can stand together in solidarity and work in partnership together against all that threatens British culture, values, laws and way of life.

A perfect example of this is the magnificent way that the fans from different football clubs around the country have stood together to form the FLA & DFLA.

Make yourself heard & wake up the Nation!



No criminological consensus on the definition! Stop and think what that means.

Right Unity


What the mainstream media is hiding from you!

In the realms of all that is decent, by Davey Russell

A rant from the one and only king of rants, Davey Russell. One of the trustees managing a group affectionately known as the Dragons. "In the realms of all that is decent surely these people are mentally deficiant, liberally unstable, or just downright...

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So what does Brian the Lion think of Sadiq Khan

This was just too good not to share! Please share this far and wide and let's get everyone singing it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_RvREGOF1k Please use the links below to share this blog post on social media.

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Over 1 million illegal immigrants suspected to be living in the UK not currently facing deportation.

Al-Qaeda terror magazine Inspire urging lone wolf attacks downloaded over 55,000 times

Met Police records show 12980 knife crimes took place in London in the year up to September 2017

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